Leading with the brain in mind.

Coaching Tip – Accept Judger and Practice Learner

Today’s tip/info pertains to practicing the ability to look at a situation from the positive perspective, and support others to do the same.

In the Expedition Coaching training we talk about the importance of asking questions from a positive perspective that move people forward. We also talk about our own filters when looking at situations, and our natural inclination to be drawn to the negative, rather than the positive. It definitely takes work to train the brain to think otherwise! Attached is a handout that can be helpful for yourself, or when working with staff to approaching challenges and opportunities pertaining to the ‘Judger-Learner mindset’.

‘Change Your Questions Change Your Life’ is a fable written by Marilee Adams that highlights the importance of the ‘Learner Mindset’. A great book if you’re looking for a book, but if you want the main message – see attached and below.

The author sums up the use of the attached model by advising us to: “Accept judger and practice Learner.”

The author claims that every one of us has these two mindsets; the only issue being which one we choose at any given moment. Judger mindset is critical, reactive, committed to being right, looks from its own perspective only, is win-lose, and narrows possibilities. Learner mindset is open-minded, accepting, curious, discerning, thoughtful, looks from multiple perspectives, is win-win, and opens possibilities.

Learner Judger model

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