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Coaching Tip – Time Frame

Today’s tip is in regards to the importance of establishing the time frame you have for a coaching conversation so that your coachee knows what to expect. So for example… if you have a scheduled session (say 30 minutes), you can start by saying something like… “we have about 30 minutes…what would you like to focus on?”

…or if someone comes to you with a question…and you think it’s a great coaching opportunity but your time is tight…you can say something like “I only have about 5 minutes, what is the best use of our time right now to help you?”

If the conversation they want/need is bigger than what you have time for… then you can decide to give them the info they want, or better yet…. schedule more time when available :).

Once you’ve established the time frame…jump into the GUIDE model:
Goals, Understanding, Insight, Design, and Enable!

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