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The Power of Questions – A heartfelt testimonial.

I recently introduced a  ‘Power of Questions’ contest for all of the newly trained coaches at FIRST.  I asked them to share with me examples from inside or outside of work of where they had resisted the urge to ‘tell’; taking more time to ‘ask’ questions. This contest is a follow-up to the training that was done with all staff in December 2012 which introduced the power of questions and how a ‘coach approach’  engages others, builds confidence and fosters solution-based thinking.

Within the first few days of issuing the challenge to share stories about the Power of Questions, I received one of the most impactful email that I have ever received. It read as follows:

Staff Reply:  “I am soo excited you asked (about the power of questions)…My 4 year old son has sensory processing disorder and he finds it really hard to control his emotions. It is really hard to communicate with him because he is soo strong willed or at least I thought. Turns out that he didn’t need me to tell him what he was doing was wrong and hurtful, he needed me to coach him through his difficult times. Through coaching him he has become more responsible for his actions and about 95% easier to calm down. I can tell that he feels special that I am asking him questions and letting him be responsible for the situation. Thank you for teaching me the skills…It has made communicating with my 4 year old little Einstein much easier. Really looking forward to the next session!”

Hearing that learning the coach approach and the power of questions has made such a difference in someone’s relationship with their son is truly inspiring. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of this learning. The ripple effects of the learning motivates and inspires me to continue with this passion!

What kind of thinking can you ignite today with a simple question?

Have a great day!


Sandra McDowell, MA, PCC
website: http://www.sandramcdowell.com

Author Sandra McDowell is a Certified Executive Coach with a Masters in Leadership and a Certificate in NeuroLeadership, and Vice-President Communications & Culture for First Credit Union & Insurance.

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