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Coaching Tip – Six signs that a coach’s agenda is in play.

Whose agenda is it anyway?

The role of a coach is to support the coachee to achieve their goals by fostering solution-based thinking through listening and questions.  But whose agenda should be at hand during a coaching conversation? The coach or the coachee?  The coachee’s of course.  A disciplined coach supports the agenda of the coachee which ensures ownership for the goal and the plan stays with the coachee. This is easier said than done.

Six signs that a coach’s agenda is in play:

  1. they ask leading questions to steer the coachee in a certain direction
  2. their judgements surface about what the coachee should or shouldn’t do
  3. their frustrations increase when the coachee isn’t doing what they would like them do
  4. their curiosity about what the coachee is thinking is minimal
  5. they ask closed end questions (problem solving)
  6. they forgo questions all together and ‘tell’ the coachee what they should do

A coach is agenda free when they are not tied to the goal or the solution.

A disciplined coach manages their own problem solving instincts and judgements, and keeps the coachee’s agenda top of mind.

Sandra McDowell, MA, PCC
website: http://www.sandramcdowell.com

Author Sandra McDowell is a Certified Executive Coach with a Masters in Leadership and a Certificate in NeuroLeadership, and Vice-President Communications & Culture for First Credit Union & Insurance.

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