Leading with the brain in mind.

Management is a Component of Leadership

You lead and empower people. You manage and control the resources to enable them to succeed.

How are leadership and management different, and are they mutually exclusive? In my view, management is a component of leadership, and one without the other is inadequate. Leadership includes inspiring and empowering others to achieve a vision, and management involves the coordination of resources to realize the vision. In my experience, a leader with a vision is just dreaming unless they have a plan to move themselves and others towards achieving the vision. Once a vision is in place, this is where the important leadership component of management comes into play: the calibration of keeping on track with the vision at hand.

Sandra McDowell, MA, PCC
website: http://www.sandramcdowell.com

Author Sandra McDowell is a Certified Executive Coach with a Masters in Leadership and a Certificate in NeuroLeadership, and Vice-President Communications & Culture for First Credit Union & Insurance.

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