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What is Personal Leadership?

valuesWhat is Personal Leadership?
The first step in leadership development always begins with leading ourselves. This is most often coined “personal leadership”. It makes sense doesn’t it? If we are successful at leading ourselves first, then we will be more equipped to lead others. Personal leadership is about managing our own experiences, and our interactions with others both in our personal and professional lives. The first step of practicing personal leadership is to get clear on what matters most to you, and how you want to ‘show up’ in the word, and the difference you want to make. As Cheshire Cat said to Alice, “if you don’t know where you’re going then any road will take you there!” If you don’t know where you are going, you can’t lead anyone anywhere. Can you answer these questions?
1. What are your top three personal values? Said differently, what matters most to you?
2. What impact would you most like to have on those around you?
3. What is your purpose in life?
These are great questions to reflect upon. Share your answers with your co-workers, manager, or family members. Getting clearer on these three questions is the first step of your personal leadership journey.

Sandra McDowell, MA, PCC
website: http://www.sandramcdowell.com

Author Sandra McDowell is a Certified Executive Coach with a Masters in Leadership and a Certificate in NeuroLeadership, and Vice-President Communications & Culture for First Credit Union & Insurance.

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