Leading with the brain in mind.

Coaching Tip – Ask question to help coachee ‘understand’

Great coaching requires the use of great questions. Here are some questions you may consider asking your coachee during Step 2 ‘UNDERSTAND’ of the GUIDE coaching model:

What are the facts? What are your assumptions?
What have you tried? What has worked in the past?
What is important to you about this?
If you could have any result, what would it be?

Remember…in this step… you are trying to shine a light on the situation from every angle. You are trying to help your coachee understand their situation. This step is not about your understanding. If you find yourself asking closed ended questions, you are likely problem solving.


Expedition Coaching GUIDE Coaching Model

1. Goal
2. Understand
3. Insight
4. Design
5. Enable


Sandra McDowell, MA, PCC
website: http://www.sandramcdowell.com

Author Sandra McDowell is a Certified Executive Coach with a Masters in Leadership and a Certificate in NeuroLeadership, and Vice-President Communications & Culture for First Credit Union & Insurance.


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